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bhagya suwa arana

Herbal Facial

Ayurvedic herbal facial is one of the best natural beauty treatment to get the glowing & healthy skin. It performed using special herbal face packs that show anti-aging properties leading to wrinkle free skin.

Also it includes a facial massage using some special herbal oils or herbal creams that according to your skin type.


Herbal Body Scrubbing

Herbal body scrub is perform by using herbal powders & herbal oils to remove dead, dull & dry skin of the body with a gently massage.

This improves brightness of skin with encouraging soft, healthy & renewed skin.


Herbal Body Polishing

A combination of herbal oils & sea salt are used with a gently massage for skin improve skin radiance.

This is a type of full body exfoliation that removes dead skin cells, promote cell regeneration & moisturizes the skin.


Herbal Hair Therapy

Herbal Hair Therapy performed as calming head massage with warm medicated herbal oils followed by herbal hair pack treatment.

This treatment very suitable for dry, brittle hair & also used to control hair fall & dandruff.


Oil Head Massage

Massage applying as light to medium pressure around entire head with warm oil is one of the best ways to nourish the scalp & hair.

Head massage is also used to release tension with promoting relaxation & to take relief from migraine & headache condition.


Herbal Foot Massage

This is followed by a rejuvenating massage with a reflexology pressure for reflex areas to soothe tired feet.

This produces quick stress relief ability, stimulating effect on internal organs & prevents acute pain & numbness of the foot.

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Bhagya Suwa Arana Ayuruveda enabless true, successful delivery of authentic ayuruveda healthcare with personalized treatment for each individual to prevent diseases & to promote health in a holistic manner through the help of herbal medicines diet & lifstyle management.


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